Thanh's real mother and father were very much in love. They married at a very young age. Around the time Thanh was to be concieved, her mother became very ill. Though Thanh's mother did not survive the birth procedure, she still gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thanh spent her younger years traveling around Eurasia with her father. At around age eleven, her father decided it was time for Thanh to settle down and go to school. She lived with her cousins and went to a public school in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She grew to know the city as her home. She was taught not to trust anyone and to put school first. Though her many guardians were very lay back with school, her father was very strict and made sure she kept her grades at perfect A's. At age fourteen, her father decided it was time to bring a motherly figure into Thanh's life. He married a woman he grew close to, but Thanh disliked this woman very much. Likewise, the woman disliked Thanh. Her stepmother demanded to get rid of Thanh and adopt new children to replace her. Her father couldn't get rid of her, but he took in three boys aging fifteen, nine, and four at the time. The boys were treated as real being by their new mother and father, while Thanh tended to stray away from her new family and stay with her cousins. Later on, she grew very close to her adoptive brothers, the oldest one especially. She eventually developed feelings towards him, but he would only be a sister to her. After two years, she decided to finally leave home and start a new life. She decided to enroll herself to the World Academy.

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